How much does a large shell weigh?

Large shell weighs 164 grams

the weight of the shell is large

Last Updated on 06.11.2023

4 thoughts on “Сколько весит ракушка большая?

  • Just now at sea, we want to take shells as a gift and are calculating the weight on the plane. Anyway, won't be buying more than 2-3 pieces for sure. Thank you, useful information!

  • Thanks, I needed to know how much a large shell weighs so I could work out how many I could bring with me as a gift for my friends without affecting the weight of my suitcase! We got 3 nice, big shells by half a kilo - quite normal in total weight!

  • It just so happens that my husband and I are both going to the sea, our little daughter couldn't make it, but she asked me to bring her some big seashells, and lots of them. I don't mind, but I don't want to overload the luggage. Thanks for the information, now I know how much an average seashell weighs, I think I can bring 10 pieces to a kid.

  • I've long wondered how much a seashell weighs, a question that comes up especially when you're holidaying at sea and want to bring something back with you for memories. Now I'll be able to get a rough idea.

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