How much does a mammoth weigh?

The heaviest mammoth ever found weighed about 14 tonnes. That's more than two elephants!

The weight of a mammoth varies depending on the species and sex of the animal. Male mammoths usually weigh more than females. The most common species of mammoth, the woolly mammoth, weighed between 2.7 and 7.5 tonnes. The largest species of mammoth, the imperial mammoth, weighed up to 14 tonnes.

How much does a mammoth weigh?

Mammoths were large elephants that lived in the Northern Hemisphere during the Ice Age. They became extinct about 10,000 years ago. It is difficult to accurately determine the weight of a mammoth because their skeletons are rarely found in good condition. However, using various methods, scientists have been able to get rough estimates of the weight of mammoths.

Knowing the weight of mammoths is important for understanding their biology and behaviour. For example, the weight of a mammoth can indicate how much food it consumed, how fast it moved, and how it interacted with other animals.

Last Updated on 24.10.2023

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